Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or dogs are evil and shouldn't be in that series.

So, as I had said in a previous post I have recently come into possession of an Xbox 360. The store that I bought it from had a deal going on where if you bought a system that month you could get one free game rental a month for six months. The first game I had rented was Soul Calibur 4, an overall good fighting game that was the same good quality as the first 3. The following month I rented Call of Duty: Modern Warfare from the recommendation of a friend.

Personally I have never been a big fan of the FPS genre though I will play the occasional game. So this was a pretty big stretch for me. I decided to play through the single player campaign before even touching the multi-player mode. This will be the chronicles of that little venture. At the beginning of the game you are in "control" of a leader of an unnamed middle eastern country. The reason that it is just not simple control is because you can control where he is looking, that is it. Yes, I understand that it is to show the beginning of the game and start setting up the storyline, but if you are going to do something like that shouldn't you be looking at it from another camera? Anyways, after the character you are looking through is shot in the head you transition to the actual tutorial. Not much can really be said about it. Then you are promptly thrown at a series of levels that all seemed to me to be rather similar excluding the one where you are on a boat.

The game itself wasn't so bad, except for one thing: dogs, man's best friend, or in this case the most hated thing in the entire freaking game. If you don't see the dog coming you have about one second between it jumping you and reverting to the last checkpoint. If you did see the dog coming though you still have very little time to kill it before it jumps you and kills you. Now, as I said before I'm not an FPS fan, but isn't it a little odd that in a game where your character is a soldier who can take a bullet or twenty to the gut before keeling over that a dog can kill you instantly and with very little trouble at all? This is a problem. Now before anyone who plays FPS games religously starts complaining, I will say that I gave the game a chance, yes the dogs were a huge problem but it is overall not a bad game. I would probably play it again if someone else were to let me either borrow it or just flat out give it to me, but I will not buy it or rent it again.

It could just do without the damn dogs.

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