D&D in Retrospect Part 2 or, I really don't like negative energy

From a recommendation of a comment on my previous D&D post on my weekly or so game I have decided that I will try a new approach for this writing, namely writing as though it were my character speaking.

As I had been traveling to the bottom of the tower I had watched as Anderson floated off down into the ocean about 5 kilometers from the island we were on. I assumed that he was a decent swimmer since he had come from the port city of Toran. I still thought that he may need my help when he finally returned to the shore so I started running to the city that I had seen as I was drifting down from the top of the tower. When I arrived at the city I was struck by the fact that there was absolutely no one in the entire city. I slowly wandered around the town until I arrived at the port. Seeing as I was now lacking a weapon due to the fact that Anderson had the only bows in our group and the blind swordsman had taken the katana that I had been about to use before our battle with Raphael, I decided that I should find one so the warrior part of my abilities would actually be of some use. When I arrived at the port I saw an amazingly large ship that I remembered from my studies as being called a galleon. Knowing that these ships were mainly used by navies I assumed there would be some sort of weapon in the confines of the ship. After I boarded the ship I went down into the holds of it and saw that the ship was being used by traders and had quite a bit of glow-weed on board. I didn't know all of the properties of it since nature was never my strongest area of knowledge but I did know that it was exceedingly rare. Not having a bag of any sort as I did, I had no way to carry the mystical plant so I left the ship in search of something to carry the stuff.

I couldn't find a general store at first but I did come across a magic store. Thinking that there might be a bag of holding or some sort of magic weapon I could use I ventured into the shop. As I first walked in I cast detect magic to see if there was still anything remaining in the shop, and I promptly found out there was nothing of any magical sort within it. Thinking that there may be a few artifacts in the rear of the shop I continued on and walked directly into a trap. While stuck where I was standing and unable to move I was a promptly attacked by a vampire who rather quickly proceeded to bite me and drain my power. After finally succeeding at escaping from the vampire's hold I quickly left the shop and went to standing in the bright sunlight. Being highly angered by the vampire stealing my strength I proceeded to cast scorching ray as many times as I could and proceeded to set the entire shopping district on fire.

My rampage continued for a while with the vampire running from building to building while I set every building he entered on fire. Eventually I remembered how the demon had entered the archangel Raphael in the first place, namely Raphael stabbing the demon in the chest. Thinking that there was a chance that I myself may be possessed by the demon, so I gave up on my so far useless attack and headed back to the port.

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  1. You should give us a bit more background on the overall story ark next time and perhaps a bit more on the characters' background - perhaps in a preface? This was much more entertaining than the 3rd person narration.