Fallout 3 (or how I started liking shotguns more than melee weapons)

So, I have decided to do another review. Today's being a game that I find myself fascinated with, Fallout 3. This game is probably the most interesting game I've played on my Xbox since I bought the system about a month ago. Everything in it makes a game that I've not only beaten but am willing to actually buy the DLC for it. This is a rare feat for me seeing as I'm generally the kind of person who won't spend extra money for a few minor things in any game. Now onto the review.

When I first started the game I was rather impressed as to how they did the character creation system as compared to the character creator for Oblivion (another great game that I'll probably review later) this system actually fit into the storyline of the future world that had been nuked and completely destroyed, but still had better tech than we do now. You are literally playing the game from the moment of birth, though there are a few bits of time scaling thrown in. Anyways, at the character creation you can do the usual RPG things: race, hair, facial features, and that sort of thing. Only thing is that all of the options are kind of scaled back to only allow humans so by race it actually means skin color. After character creation you are thrown into the tutorial levels where you learn the usual things attacking, how to move, and how to interact with the world. After the tutorial you are thrown out into the Capitol Wasteland, the nuclear remnants of Washington DC. This is where the rest of the game will be spent. After a bit of wandering, finding places and continuing with the main storyline you've eventually gotten to a point where in my opinion the fun begins. The point in the game where you have enough weapons and ammo to do whatever you happpen to feel like at any given time.

This point in the game is where I spent the majority of my time, for instance at one point I went to Tenpenny tower, the tallest and safest place in the game. While there I went up to the top of the tower stole Mr. Tenpenny's sniper rifle, shot him with it then proceeded to walk back into the building all while listening to a vaguely racist song about a guy from the congo. As I said the game is a lot of fun. Well after a while of playing I eventually found a pair of shotguns one a sawed off and one a tactical, they both worked well though the sawed off did more damage but had to reload more often and vice versa for the tactical. During my wanderings I came upon vault 108, a vault full of crazed clones who only had their fists and tried to punch me to death. I decided it was time to try out my shotguns. After using 2 shots to take out 4 enemies who literally exploded every time I was pretty pleased with them.

In conclusion, if you haven't had a chance to try Fallout 3 yet either find a friend who has it or buy it yourself, it's worth the money.

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  1. I loved Fallout 3 because of the immersion and style that the game presents. The design team at Bethesda did a wonderful job on it - I thought the ES series ws a bit cliche in presentation, yet F3 is so fresh - it's style is immediately recognizeable (like Fable, Halo, GOW, etc.) The storyline is also amazing in that even though it's a sandbox-type world, the flow is never interupted by the different missions, the story seems flow even though you might just be wandering around - I think that's the real magic of F3.