Orange Box

Well for my first real post on here I think I'll do a sort of review of a couple games I've been playing recently.

Well lately I've been playing Half-Life 2 and its sequels: episodes 1 and 2. Since I never had the chance to play the first one I had almost no experience with this series other than my experiences with Garry's Mod and watching a friend of mine actually beat the game. For most games seeing the ending before actually playing the game is a pretty large problem. Not with this series, even though I had a general idea of how it ended I had no idea how to get there or what the story was like and found myself to enjoy these games more than I had really expected to. Since I had bought the series with Orange Box it was well worth the $30 I spent on it when I bought it. The addition of Portal was another large plus for me. The game's mechanics were rather simple and the puzzles were quite fun. The only recurring problem I've had with everything from Orange Box is that my laptop lags out quite a bit with it, though that is to be expected since it is not exactly a gaming rig or even one that was really ever meant to play with games like that in the first place. Other than that minor problem I found the games to be the most fun I've had recently and will probably play through the series again after episode 3 comes out.

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