D&D in Retrospect (Part 1 of how ever many I feel like making)

Well today was Monday and that means that my D&D group got together for a bit of gaming. Today I actually got to play in one of the few campaigns that I am not DMing in, this being oddly rare in my group I decided that I would enjoy myself no matter how much our DM messed with us.

Well first I'll do a quick character overview of the PCs in today's game: I am playing an elvish duskblade. The 3.5 equivalent of the spellsword only with slightly less abilities tied directly into the character's sword. I mainly specialize in being the warrior of the party since I have a high attack bonus and AC. My compatriot in today's game was a character named Anderson Livins, a level 10 rogue and level one shadowdancer. This small group is the entirety of the party, that's it. Anyways on to the overview.

In our previous session we had just ran away from a battle that was on the brink of killing both of our characters though Anderson was in a constant state of hiding in plain sight. We eventually teleported through a door with a short range teleport spell that my character has. That was where the previous session had ended. Well this session began in an area that was obviously slightly better than the one that we were just in. The question being how much better.

Beginning the session in a room full of clerics that may have been either friend or foe was bad, seeing them engaged in a ritual surrounding a glowing golden orb was worse and yet it turned into an even worse situation when an enraged astral stalker lich came bursting through the door. Anderson was already hiding by this point and was standing next to the door when it almost literally exploded into the room, so I had no idea if he was still alive or not. After the majority of the still living clerics moved in too attack the lich and the rest were engaged in the ritual I decided that it would be best if I were to strike at the lich as well, but due to rolling a natural 1 on the initiative roll I was stuck waiting until everyone else was done with their turn. So a longish battle ensued up until the exact moment when the ritual went off. The spell was strong enough to destroy the lich's body and blind everyone else. After the blindness wore off I found myself surrounded by netherworlders the DM's personal race of dark half undead beings. These people promptly took my weapons and gear from me and began a long ritual to summon a dark god and end the world.

My options were rather limited at the time due to the whole no weapons thing, though a solid arsenal of magic items was just out of my reach in the middle of the circle. Apparently the netherworlders had been collecting magic items for years and they also had an arrow of trap the soul that we had been given earlier on. This arrow had a ridiculously powerful soul inside of it. So I did the only thing I could think of and teleported to the middle of the spell circle fueling the ritual. I promptly grabbed a random bow and the arrow and fired it off at the netherworlder who had taken my stuff in the first place.

The arrow then turned the target and two people behind it into ash and the released the soul inside of it. As it turns out this arrow had the trapped soul of an archangel who was possessed by a demon inside of it. This started a long period of summoning in which Anderson and I had time to grab two magic items from the pile and get ready for a fight. I grabbed a sword and a shield while Anderson grabbed the dagger that came with the bow and a large backpack full of inky blackness. After the summoning was complete the netherworlders were all killed in a rather ironic way. Namely falling off the tower that we were on at this time. After a long winded battle that involved everything from a warrior that Anderson and I were recruited to kill near the beginning of the campaign showing up and taking away the sword I had just found to give himself more power to fight this being to a massive windstorm threatening to blow everyone off of the remnants of the tower we were standing on. After I ended up using the dagger on the hole in his chest we finally defeated him. And after a bit of work we managed to get down to the bottom of the tower.

We ended up leaving off at this point in the game. This ends this chapter of our group's gaming. If I feel like it I may post the process that led up to this point on my blog at a later date.

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  1. To offer constuctive criticism (please don't think I'm trying to be negative, or "shoot you down") - this would sound alot better if it was told in a more "story-like" fashion. It just sounds like a description of a game, which it is, but it doesn't have to sound like it (imagine someone doing that with Monopoly and you'll see what I'm trying to get at.)

    I think this culd actually be quite a bit more entertaining if you wrote it like it was a story - maybe even in-character.