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Okay, this will be the only time I make a post like this. I have been dealing with a player in our group for the past few weeks who not only dislikes but blatantly opposes any and every thing involving the 4th edition of D&D. Personally the only chance I ever had to be a PC in a 4th edition game I greatly enjoyed and prefer over 3.5. Now, I want to play 4e the third member of our group wants to play 4e and hell, even my sister wants to play 4e. But this one player is a major problem with the idea of actually playing 4e. It's easier to DM, the at-will powers make spellcasters useful even after they have used their big spells without relegating them to crossbow duty. So, my question is this: Is there a way to convince him to play 4e, or is there a group who would be willing to play in/DM a 4e game around here?

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  1. I'm not really interested - but I'm sorry to hear about your problem. 4E is soooo much more easier to pick up than 3/3.5 and it streamlined the process in so many ways. All of the skills are based around the same modifier so you don't need 7 skills that are basically the same anymore. I think the problem most people have in these kind of transitions are the lack of support for the newer products. It also makes the casting classes fun instead of tedious (actually, it does that with alot of things.) There aren't nearly as many things to do in 4e as there are in 3/3.5 simply because it hasn't been out nearly as long.

    On a side note I would consider transfering some older rules into 4e or things like that - then maybe your friend will come around. Ask him/her what the big deal is and try and compromise. People are unusually tied to the past - sometimes even blindly to one product or another. It seems people feel an inherent need to defend what they already have (ie. Zune vs. Ipod, console war, etc.)