Oblivion or, "Duping for fun and profit."

In the past couple of weeks I have obviously not updated very often (or at all for that matter) this being a small problem I've decided to make tonight's post on a game that I have enjoyed pretty much since I first came into contact with an Xbox 360. Oblivion.

This game has always been one of the ones that I was most interested in. It is a rather large world that is much harder to traverse than Fallout 3's due to it's large amount of mountains and hills that are rather difficult to find a way to climb or pass. On the other hand there are so many places to be found that after you've found enough of them you'll pretty much never have to walk in the game again. My first destination upon my return to the game I decided to actually do some work on the main quest line for once. Being my first time playing through it I was rather intrigued by a few of the quests in it up until the moment when I decided to try a couple of the new quests, namely the Knights of the Nine. This was a great little quest line with a few rather interesting moments. I don't want to spoil anything here though it probably doesn't matter much since anyone who would play it already has.

Anyways, following my foray into the service of the Nine I downloaded every one of the house DLCs that Bethesda made. After maxing out the thieving one I went off to the Shivering Isles where I pretty quickly finished the main quest and was astounded by how the Isles looked.

I know this is a horribly small post but, since I'm still playing this game I'll elaborate more at a later date.

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  1. It's a later date - elaborate more! I'm curious about the Shivering Isles as I haven't played any of that expansion...